Who is He?

Pope Lizardsaurus is the richest webcartoonist in the world and co-runs the Webcomiclot Webcartoonist commune with his wife Grenadine Luncher. He’s the creative mind behind the webcomic ‘Joysticks of the Round Table’. According to Geraldo Gila, an employee of Pope Lizardsaurus, he was Max Ruetra’s college roommate and instructed Geraldo to check Max out of the mental institution he had found his way into and deliver him Webcomiclot for some possible webcomic work.


The strong silent type.

Powers and Abilities

A large amount of money. He may also have an incredibly long life span as he was seen in strip 274 two million years into the future (although it’s possible that was just the life size clip art of himself).


A greenish lizard-saurus with blue horns.

Creation History

He started off as a character in the Legion of Net.Heroes Webcomic originally a non-named Lizard creature that always appeared in the sixth panel of the strip with the Ultimate Ninja. He would be first called Pope Lizardsaurus in the Number Pi strip.

Depending on the strip he might be either the Ultimate Ninja’s greatest enemy or best friend. While there were maybe one or two strips where he actually spoke some dialogue, mostly he’s a completely silent character. I was probably inspired by Garfield Without Thought Balloons comic.

In the fiftieth strip he left for his current Ripping Off King Arthur gig and was replaced by his identical twin brother Poopster Lizardsaurus.


The Legion of Net.Heroes Webcomic #1-50

Ripping Off King Arthur #8, 15, 99, 138, 153-155, 158-160, 164, 166, 171, 273-275