Most of his past is unknown. He made his first appearance in On the Deadbeat #1 helping a Drug Lord and eventually leading that same Drug Lord to his death. Coming back to America, he found a dying friend of his in his office who was attempting to warn him about something. He decided to investigate who killed his friend, but in the process found himself to have been taken to some Alternate Looniverse where he was a hero called Kid Deadbeat.

Years later, during Beige Countdown, the Dvandom Stranger freed Dr. Deadbeat who was still trapped in that Looniverse and recruited him for the job of finding 58.5 trenchcoaters to help Occultism Kid in a spell that would stop the Bryttle Brothers during Beige Midnight. But during his mission, Dr. Deadbeat and GrimSloth became sick of recruiting trenchcoaters and they both decided to just get the hell out of the Looniverse and go to another one before it was too late. The Alternate Looniverse they said they were going to was the Naughty Teenage Babes Looniverse.

A character claiming to be him popped up in the Ripping Off King Arthur #38 strip.


Cynical bastard that kind of treats everything like a joke.

Powers and Abilities

Manipulating People and something that involves Wooden Shield Jokes.


A grubby beige trenchcoat with various stains on it — on the back of it is ‘Stolen From Club Med’.