(Updated Version):

I’ve redone the Art for #1-151 (Which you can read clicking here!)

After that you can click on here to read #152 (which I’ll eventually get around to redoing the art, but until then).

Or you could check out A Suicide in Destiny City storyline here. Or the popular Hokey the Wonderseal storyline here.

(And now onto the older version of this):

Okay, so you’ve found this webcomic somehow and are wondering out of all these tons of strips where the best place to start reading it would be.

While I’d like to tell you to start right at the beginning — unfortunately the very early art for those strips is not so great. I suppose I’d say the best place to start might be the Severed Head of Satan storyline which you can read without understanding all that has gone before.

Keep in mind some strips have more than one page of art. With strip #123 I did make a change with how I displayed multi-page strips — so all post #123 strips have grey numbered boxes underneath them that you need to click on to see all the pages. All multi-page strips before #123 you just need to click the next strip arrow to see all those strips. I know that is kind of confusing, but all the pages for a strip are in the archive. Hopefully someday I’ll have time I’ll be able to convert all the pages to one type of displaying format.

And maybe you just want to check out what I think my best strip is. #143 A James Joyce Brand Eggnog Margarita Mix Christmas, I’d say is my own personal favorite strip I’ve done and you don’t need to understand anything about Ripping Off King Arthur to enjoy it.  (It’s a Six Page Strip — click the grey numbered boxes underneath the art to see all the pages!)

Also you might like #66 the beginning of the Super Glacier storyline.  (#66 is a three page strip — click the next arrow to see all the pages).

And there’s It’s Phnne ot im Frdayy, which you should probably just avoid reading at all cost.

So hopefully you found that helpful.

If you have any questions about Ripping Off King Arthur please e-mail me at arspitzer at earthlink.net.

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