Okay.  Confession time.

That impression I was giving you about how I was Ripping Off King Arthur for my webcomic was only half true.  The whole truth is that I’ve been actually ripping off an old Turkish webcomic from the 1970s called Turkish Ripping Off King Arthur (although in Turkey they just call it Ripping Off King Arthur — go figure!).  This was a strip done by famous 70s Turkish webcartoonist (also famous Turkish porn star) Suleiman the Magnificent.

Now sadly (for me at least), Suleiman only did 174 strips, which has caused a problem for me since I’ve ripped off every single one of those 174 strips for the 174 strips in my own Ripping Off King Arthur (or as they probably call it in Turkey — American Ripping Off Turkish Ripping Off King Arthur).  And now that I’ve ripped off everything that I can possibly ripoff in Turkish Ripping Off King Arthur — I’m in kind of a pickle.

Now I suppose I could just start coming up with my own material — but let’s not get crazy here!  That’s why I’ve decided to fess up so I can now reprint Suleiman the Magnificent’s classic 1970s webcomic for the whole world to enjoy again.

What’s that you ask?  Have I gotten permission from Suleiman to do this?  Well, I’m no lawyer, but the way that I figure it — since I’m American — Turkish copyright laws really don’t apply to me in any way.  Also, Suleiman the Magnificent is dead (maybe?) so he’s probably not going to sue me.

So, from this point forward, I’ll be reprinting all 174 Turkish Ripping Off King Arthur strips.  And hopefully by the time I’ve finished reprinting the last one I’ll have found another Turkish webcomic from the 1970s to “appropriate” some ideas from!

Arthur “Hopefully…” Spitzer